Our Gallery page allows us to show a selection of products which we are particularly proud of, or post pictures of custom orders by some of our clients. Get inspired and contact us at contact@jeeves.store for a personal order. 


Handmade Peccary Leather gloves - Jeeves Shetland Wool Regimental Italian Handmade Tie - Jeeves  Vass handmade Inca Grain Derby shoes - Jeeves
Handmade Peccary Leather Driving Gloves - Jeeves Vass three piece shoe trees | Jeeves Shetland wool regimental handmade navy Italian Tie - Jeeves
Italian Grenadine Silk Tie Navy - Jeeves Vass handmade leather Byron boots - Jeeves Irish Poplin Handmade Italian Regimental Tie - Jeeves
Inca Grain Leather Belt - Jeeves



20160042b.jpg 20160033b.jpg
20160039b.jpg 20160036b.jpg 20160040b.jpg 
20160044-1b.jpg sogent-mto-bootsb.jpg  valwayb.jpg