Article: Museum Calf Leather

A hand applied finish, done with sponges before the aniline finish had the chance to dry, is what gives Museum calf its unique, mottled appearance. Since the 1930’s, Conceria Ilcea is the main producer of this wonderful leather, and also the supplier to Vass.

Unlike other leathers, Museum calf is finished with the leather still wet from the aniline dye bath. With the use of sponges, the subtle cloudy appearance is created by applying a slightly darker dye, and this creates contrast and depth. Conceria Ilcea only uses the softest and smoothest calf skins for their hallmark leather.

To care for your Museum calf leather shoes, we advise to use Saphir Renovateur to keep the leather nourished, hydrated and supple. To bring out the colour in the shoes, it is important to use a slightly lighter colour wax when polishing. We recommend the Saphir light brown wax for our gold museum Vass Old English Oxford shoes.