'Scotch' Grain Leather

The exact history of Scotch grain, sometimes referred to as pebble or country grain, is unknown.

Some say the leather was invented by accident when a Scottish tanner picked up a forgotten leather hide that was laying in the corner of his workshop on a pebble cement floor, underneath a big pile of other leather. The floor had left its pattern in the leather, and a local shoemaker found it to be so striking he decided to turn it into a pair of hunting boots. Local nobility loved it, and a new trend was created.

Others say the name Scotch grain actually comes from Scots grain, invented by the Scots who layered charred oak barrels with Highland cattle hides, and leftover mash from their Whisky distilleries. After aging for over a decade, the hides would have developed their unique texture and colour.

Nowadays however, the pebble grain leather we use is made by embossing full grain calf leather with large rollers. This gives the leather its distinctive look that is similar to a pebbled street. Our pebble grain leather is one of the most beautiful available today, tanned by a world-renowned tannery in France from the best calf sides. 

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