South American Peccary

South American Peccary

A peccary is a wild animal of the pig family that lives in South and Central America. Since peccary is a protected species, which can be exported from Peru in only limited quantities, its exotic skin has become a luxury material.

The strange thing is that actually, Peccary has always been a very common animal in Peru as the result of an intensive breeding program in the 1970’s. Back then, 200.000 skins were exported annually. In the last 40 to 50 years, the trade has become less lucrative, and more controlled by international law. Today, these animals are hunted mostly for their meat, and the pelts have become a byproduct, which has led to a decrease in exports to 34.000 skins per year today. Most of these go to Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe, and are meant for the glove and shoe industry.

Since the Peccary is a wild animal, legally hunted by local farmers for everything from their meat to their skin, it is normal to find small natural defects on the surface of the skin. Adding to this that these animals live freely in the woods, and are mostly nocturnal creatures, hunting them is not that easy. Because the pelts have become only a byproduct, hunters use shotguns that spread a wide range of hail, instead of more modern techniques.

When visiting our producer of Peccary leather gloves, we held up a skin that had more holes than leather to it, from the shotguns used by the Peruvian farmers to hunt these small pigs. This has led to the use of a grading system in the glove industry, where the size of the skin is measured by how many average sized hands can be cut out of it. Top grade quality is in the range of 5 to 6.

When the leather arrives in Italy, it is chrome tanned, making it both durable and washable. It all starts with the raw material, crust Peccary leather that has been epilated and tanned. After the chrome tanning, this needs to be retanned in order to receive its final color.

Characterized by a distinct pattern of 3 pores, grouped together, it is known as the most luxurious gloving leather, thanks to its extreme softness and stretchiness. Peccary is known to develop a beautiful patina, and age gracefully. 

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