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Shoe trees are probably the most important element in good shoe care, because they help keep the shoes’ shape after a full day wearing them. These are original Vass three piece lasted shoe trees.

To use these shoe trees, let your shoes air-dry for about 20 minutes after taking them off, then insert the shoe trees.

Three piece shoe trees are made from Hornbeam wood, which is first air dried until a humidity of 8% is reached. The wood is then sawn to a rough shape, and turned on a lathe until the end shape is reached. The abstract shoe trees are then cut into three pieces, and a hole is drilled for the cord. 

The shoe trees have been finished with a natural wax rather than varnish, to ensure best shoe tree properties for your shoes.

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Carl 12th Jun 2017

3 piece Vass lasted shoe trees

Loving my new 3 piece lasted shoe trees,good quality. great fit and well constructed also prefer them to the two piece. Thanks Tom, Carl.

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